We helped startup, Evver, go from 35 users with a local presence to 2,000 users globally in 3.5 months. What is more exciting is that this then catupulted them to 50,000 users in two years – virally. The story was so exciting that Denver Startup Week invited us to speak and share what happened.

Event Roost


“Michael and I just wanted to tell you “Thanks!” for meeting with us. We got more out of that meeting than we had with a paid consultant over 5 months… and it was fantastic! It’s so relieving to be able to bounce our thoughts and ideas off of people outside our immediate sphere of influence who have experience in startup businesses. We are (cautiously) confident, rejuvenated, and very excited to take EventRoost to the next stage in the game.”

Karen E. Pellegrin


RockPile Energy Services

elevate29 Jump Start Program


“Sales and marketing within the oil and gas industry has not evolved much since it’s inception. While working at a Service company, I found that management didn’t believe social media efforts would be an effective means for promoting the company. elevate29 introduced us to a number of programs that changed our company completely.
In fact, for the first time ever, we got sales calls coming INTO our office. We didn’t even have a system setup to handle the calls. It was amazing and very refreshing for the sales team.”
Kimberly Croll-Kovacich
Marketing Lead at RockPile Energy Services (2012 – 2014)

RockPile was recently acquired.