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We love to help underdogs go to market. Startups, turn-arounds, under-performing sales situation and unknown anyones… you know who you are. You need sales and for folks to know about you.

Our services include developing your go to market strategy, building amazing marketing plans that get you famous and architecting revenue so that sales grow predictably. We are experts in digital marketing, having started in 1998. And, we are experts at sales and business development, having started in 1988.

Our reach is beyond the strategic. We also get into the trenches and help pull it all off. You might say that revelation meets execution. The bottom line is that we are fixated on the top line.

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What Really Matters


We Get Them

We help companies grow UP through MARKETING STRATEGY AND DIGITAL MARKETING EXCELLENCE. Our bent falls on maturing how you go to market.

We all want to be the next AirBnB or Dropbox, but getting there is a journey. The old-school stuff doesn’t work quite like it once did. When working with elevate29, you’ll experience a mixture of the best of traditional marketing strategy plus the latest in growth hacking, which are designed to dominate the market and aimed at driving mass adoption quickly – all requirements for building a successful company these days.

Who We Help

We like working with companies who want to be doing something disruptive. They have cash to spend on conquering the world, but they either lack the time or know-how to go to market.

Industries served include CPG, Tech (yes, SaaS included), Social, Oil and Gas, Web Dev, Professional Services Firms, Med Tech, FinTech, HVAC and even a Math Tutoring company, amongst others. Oh, and the funny thing we hear in every market, “not in my industry”. That has to one of the biggest barriers to growth. Let that go before we chat. The possibilities are endless.

To achieve mass adoption, the investment is real and requires commitment. And, you should see a return – a big one.

How We Do It

elevate29 is not just another ivory-tower consulting firm. Don’t get us wrong. We are very strategic and tend to figure out how to blow up an industry in a big way. But, we get in the trenches along side you as well. And, what makes us really unique is that we know how to integrate across the various online marketing channels to maximize your return in all areas. Secondly, we’re a bit fixated on our marketing efforts translating to revenue. We have an extensive sales background and are keen on constructing revenue that scales with predictability. The Top Line is our focus.

What we’ve found to be most intriguing is that many companies we work with usually have little idea as to how much they should budget for marketing and digital marketing. This tends to occur because the majority of our clients are usually founded by technical folks – people who know their trade but have little time or direct experience with this different world. Marketing is a strange, new world to them for sure. The approach ends up being a bit nebulous with no focus. The results show it. Money is wasted. But, we can help.

The second issue lies in sales. It can be challenging to figure out the ideal way to acquire your revenue in the most effective and efficient means. And, building a sales force and processes that deliver can be inundating. But, sales is … well can’t anyone sell? No, not really. Yes, we can help.

One common approach that our clients enjoy includes architecting how they go to market, developing the marketing programs (web, content marketing, social media and search) and authoring the budget to achieve stated results. We oversee the various service providers and help execute on the plan. Finally, we monitor it on an ongoing basis. We can help at the macro or micro levels, and no project is too small.

For those needing help migrating away from the CEO doing all of the selling to hiring professionals to enter the picture, we can guide you. We also are pretty good at helping you best structure your sales environment to maximize revenue growth.

Finally, if “Growth Hacking” is a new term to you, check out this article that helps explain the importance.

If your idea is ready for market or you are running but need to scale your growth, get in touch, and let’s see what we can do together.

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We Get Results

Execution is More Than Lip Service

We have been privileged to work with a lot of companies over the last eight and a half years. The sizes range from new ideas with little revenue to a $200M energy company that was only two years old. Yes, they had all the woes a $500,000 startup has – just with more zeros. Startups and SMB’ers tend to go through the same lifecycle issues no matter how many dollars they generate.

Turn-arounds do too.

The obstacles we help overcome all point to revenue. Even our marketing efforts drill down on growing sales. If your revenue is underperforming, we can help. If you are looking to get known, we can help.  If you need a new website, we can help. If you are looking to grow sales through Facebook ads, we can help. Our reach is wide and very deep, and it all comes back to the Top Line.

Here are a couple clients we helped. Just a snippet to whet the appetite…

Evver, Inc.

Mission: Prove Virality + Go Global + Limited Budget

Boulder, Colorado

elevate29 takes Evver ViralEvver had an amazing social video sharing idea. With our help, they went from obscurity to global inside of four months and saw 100% month over month growth during our consulting period. We had to prove that this thing would grow on its own (virality). And, we did it on a relatively small budget. Just check out the video below.

Our services included authoring their marketing plan, overseeing their web development, creating their content marketing plan, developing the music partnership program with execution points, writing their PR, setting up Facebook and other social platforms and a lot more.


Your Design Online, Inc.

Mission: Grow Sales + Kill Commodization Effect + Create Identity

Atlanta, Georgia

Your Design Online

YDO is an amazing web design firm. But, it’s sales were hurting and at a low point in years. In 8 months, they saw a 300%+ increase in revenue which came from the reformulation of their services mix and how they presented their offerings. Average deal size more than doubled as a result. No more hours X dollars economy and the resulting commodization effect.

Our services included redoing their services mix to focus more on results than how many times the hammer was swung. We then reworked their pricing to reflect a results model and led their business development efforts. We found new clients and negotiated partnership deals.



We helped startup, Evver, go from 35 users with a local presence to 2,000 users globally in 3.5 months. What is more exciting is that this then catupulted them to 50,000 users in two years – virally. The story was so exciting that Denver Startup Week invited us to speak and share what happened.

Event Roost


“Michael and I just wanted to tell you “Thanks!” for meeting with us. We got more out of that meeting than we had with a paid consultant over 5 months… and it was fantastic! It’s so relieving to be able to bounce our thoughts and ideas off of people outside our immediate sphere of influence who have experience in startup businesses. We are (cautiously) confident, rejuvenated, and very excited to take EventRoost to the next stage in the game.”

Karen E. Pellegrin


RockPile Energy Services

elevate29 Jump Start Program


“Sales and marketing within the oil and gas industry has not evolved much since it’s inception. While working at a Service company, I found that management didn’t believe social media efforts would be an effective means for promoting the company. elevate29 introduced us to a number of programs that changed our company completely.
In fact, for the first time ever, we got sales calls coming INTO our office. We didn’t even have a system setup to handle the calls. It was amazing and very refreshing for the sales team.”
Kimberly Croll-Kovacich
Marketing Lead at RockPile Energy Services (2012 – 2014)

RockPile was recently acquired.




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