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Evolution of Content Marketing

Content and Blog Launch Education Programs

About 5 or 6 years ago, elevate29 picked up that a lot of web designers built WordPress themes into websites. They would then go to the client and get the previous page copy and simply paste that into the new website.
That just didn't seem right. Shouldn't the message drive what the audience saw? Who is the audience anyway? What motivates them? 
It seemed that content actually should be a key piece in the web design process and not an afterthought. 
Well, a few designers have since picked up on that. Perhaps, Google's continued emphasis on content, shared content and contextually shared content helped drive it.
So, Content and Blog (an e29 property) was launched around that time. Since then, we have seen that this make a huge difference in how websites perform. That idea was then extended into the full array of content marketing like email, PR, articles, ghost blogging, etc.
We are excited to take that to a new level. Content and Blog will soon be offering subscription services through its Content University. These services are designed to help content marketers who are working in companies stay on top of their game. They will be able to get hands-on, editorial and strategic guidance as well as monthly visits to their inbox with the secrets of the trade.
We have seen a number of companies starting to hire content folks. But, they are hiring tactically and then putting pressure on the hires to perform at a level that is above their experience. Content and Blog aim to help them be the rock stars that they are.
So, check them out. Your digital performance will be much happier that you did.
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